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No two buildings are alike and every enterprise is unique in their need for a specialized wireless system. Our engineered solutions provide custom radio deployments through a structured and phased approach. Each phase is designed to give the client maximum visibility of the project. Reliable radio networks can only be designed by experts in radio frequency (RF) technology using the latest tools and equipment. At Proximity Wireless, our wireless experts understand this and guarantee each client the best possible mobility performance in and around their wireless network.


Contact our mobile consultancy to handle all aspects of your wireless network project from concept to commissioning.

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The Proximity Wireless Mobility Approach

Through our phased “Coverage by Design” method, we pull together the client’s vision using best-in-class hardware and software modeling, survey, and design technology. This enables us to look at your total challenge and create a complete wireless solution to solve your specific wireless needs. Every project is controlled by a 5 step deployment process assuring seamless wireless coverage and a quality solution.

  • Phase 0: Pre-Service Qualification

  • Phase 1:  RF Engineering

  • Phase 2:  Radio & Physical Site Survey

  • Phase 3:  System Design

  • Phase 4:  Implementation

  • Phase 5:  Services

Your One-Stop Wireless Mobility Shop

Proximity maintains great partnerships with top-tier hardware and software manufacturers. We’re able to address all your wireless network communication needs from a single source. Regardless of the applications or specific business wireless solutions needed, we have access to a vast array of products and services that individually or together will satisfy your wire-free capabilities.

  • Extreme Networks

  • TE Connectivity Ltd.

  • BridgeWave Communications, Inc.

  • Zinwave

  • Cisco Systems, Inc.

  • Axis Communications

  • Proxim Wireless Corporation

  • CommScope

  • Kenwood Corporation

  • Westell Technologies, Inc.

  • Advanced RF Technologies, Inc.

Get in touch with our wireless consultancy to go mobile!

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